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Lou Sabini has been an avid film enthusiast ever since he could first read a book. Having grown up in North Eastern USA, in the midst of the "television age" of the 1950s, he first became enthralled with the many comedians and comedy teams, whose old movies graced the airwaves in those bygone years. Today he has become an expert on film comedy, even having visited and interviewed legendary producer, Hal Roach. His love of Laurel and Hardy has a practical outlet as head of the Stamford, Connecticut chapter of the International Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society, Sons of the Desert since 1999.
Lou has been adding to his personal 16mm film collection for over four decades and has amassed over 1,000 titles in that format, as well as accumulating a large library on DVD.

While attending college at School of Visual Arts in Manhattan in the early seventies, he quickly became friends with Professor William K. Everson, whose film classes became a source of viewing some of the most obscure films from Hollywood's Golden Era. For years after that, until Everson's death in 1996, Lou and Bill Everson kept in close touch and would visit each other's homes on a monthly basis, screening many films that have been out of circulation for decades .

Lou has been teaching film since 1993. His classes are always filled to capacity, unable to accommodate all who wish to enroll. Like his mentor Everson, Lou writes his own notes for each film screened as well as conducting an extended question and answer period following the film.
  Presently, he is currently involved in writing two books, the first, entitled "Hollywood Exposed" and a second a work on "Pre-Code". He has also been a participant in the Kent Film Festival in Kent, Connecticut. In the past, he has taught courses on such topics as: Alfred Hitchcock from his British period, forgotten films of the thirties and forties, social drama, as well as a study of some of Hollywood's premier directors. He has conducted screenings for the Hillstead Museum in Farmington Connecticut and introduced a classic film series at the newly restored Avon Theatre in Stamford, Connecticut..